Nov 16, 2011

Tried, Tired.

There are things in my life that I super duper wanted to be change. I tried hard but still can't. You know what? It's tiring..

Lazy, sloppy, moody, forgetful, unprepared, untidy, can't keep money, do things i want not what i needed to, done things undone, always ask for extended time, convey something with a wrong way, saying things that i shouldn't, and eat like more than much. I'm not hungry but foods in front of me are making me... asdfghjkljhvtrimbn! I'm so happy when I'm surrounded by food, I want my tummy to be happy too.

All these things are irritated me. Totally uncool. You have to know how i tried to change this bad habit!! I am making a list what I should and shouldn't do today, I even make the time schedule!!!!!! I refrain from food!! And everything else!!!! But... I know you know how it doesn't works on me.
I am tired to be that girl but It's more tiring to change it.
Somehow, I feel like i can't.
Actually that changing is for my future, how am I supposed to act when in future college, future job, and future family.
I'm afraid It's not going to be like my expectations. I'm afraid it's going to be fail.
What should i do then?

P.S : Kalo gue bisa berubah, gue bakal tumpengan.

Oct 5, 2011

*dancing* *shuffling* *headbanging*


Aug 18, 2011

Perfect Afternoon by Endah n Rhesa

Sky was so blue...
Wide clouds and windy too
We were hanging out together
Looking for a beautiful view

I took a cup of coffee
While you drinking your tea
You staring me and smiled as if there's something wrong in me

Then we had a conversation, explanations,
emotions, and all sensations
And you gave me all your attentions to my actions
Oh you treat me very special
Let the sun and the shines be the one that will come in our heart

Somehow i knew that your love was true
Oh i feel it when i spent my perfect afternoon with you...

Aug 13, 2011

Last day we met.

I remember the last day we had. Our last Saturday night. August 6th 2011.
We're at pim. You showed up with your new hair cut that lo love so much, and i showed up with my new ear pierced.
Kita di pim, kamu sama anjun sama ica. Aku sama deassy sama eric. Terus kita ketemu trs ke pizza marzano. Terus kita ke kemang, aku naik motor sama kamu. Deassy naik mobil sama Iqbal sama Juan. Malem itu dingiiiiiiiiiiin banget udaranya, kayaknya udara2nya udah tau itu malem minggu terakhir aku sama kamu. Oke gue jayus, maaf. Kayak biasa di motor, kamu pegang dengkul aku :') Di kemang kita semua minum minum di RHD. Kamu duduk disebelah aku, kita bercanda kayak biasa, bikin aku BAHAGIA. Pulangnya Kita pelukan kamu cium aku, aku cium kamu

Nggak tau kenapa.. Emang disitu aku ngerasa beda. Sekarang gue tau kenapa itu kerasa beda.

Saya tau bedanya seneng sama bahagia dari kamu. Seneng itu cuman seneng, sekedar seneng aja biasa yg bisa kita dapetin dari apa aja. Orang punya uang banyak bisa cari kesenengan. Kalo bahagia beda ceritanya.. Bahagia nggak dari materi. Bahagia datengnya dari.. <3
Makasih ya saya banyak tau dari kamu. dan saya tau, saya BAHAGIA sama kamu.
Bye babil. Maafin aku